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Integration of amoCRM and WhatsApp

Losing applications? Use WhatsApp Integration for amoCRM!

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger.

Connect WhatsApp integration and communicate with your customers right in the amoCRM interface.

Connect WhatsApp to amoCRM
After installation, you will receive a 3 days trial period
Integration functionality
Ability to write to the client first

You can start a dialogue with the client yourself, without waiting for him to write first.

Connecting multiple channels/phones to amoCRM account

Connect as many channels/phones as you like to your amoCRM account.

Each manager can assign his own channel.

Each manager will be able to communicate from his channel/phone.

Try it for free
Test all integration options for 3 days for free
Message templates

Use previously prepared templates. Thus, you can save time and increase the speed of response.

Sending and receiving audio, video messages and documents

Play video directly in the interface.

Play voice messages and translate them into text.

Sales - bot

Use all the capabilities of Sales - bot

Working with deals and buyers

Digital Pipeline

Channel/phone selection for sending

Sending both text messages and files

Working with deals and buyers

Message templates using variable entities (deal, contact, company, customer)

Sending to contacts, only the main contact, contacts and the responsible, only the responsible, the company and to an arbitrary number

Frequently asked Questions
Can I connect several numbers to one account?
Yes. You can connect as many numbers as you like both to the platform itself and to CRM.
Have a trial period?
Yes there is. The test period is 3 days.
What are the restrictions on the test period?
There are no restrictions at the moment.
Can I connect a business account (WhatsApp business)?
At the moment there is no such possibility, but we are working in this direction.
Can multiple employees respond to WhatsApp requests at the same time?
This feature will be implemented in the platform later. In CRM, yes, you can, but we recommend assigning a number to each employee in order to avoid blocking the number.
Can you create a chatbot on WhatsApp?
Yes, there is such an opportunity when integrating with amoCRM.
Does the server comply with the data protection requirement?
When you delete a channel, all chats and correspondence with clients are deleted and you can delete them at any time or upon request, we will delete all data.
Does WhatsApp require a lot of effort to integrate?
We offer our customers a plug & play solution, so minimum technical effort is required from you.
How long does it take to integrate WhatsApp into my company?
The technical setup does not take much time, you just need to clearly define your goals and choose the right strategy for using WhatsApp.
Can I connect WhatsApp to an existing CRM system?
Yes, you can connect your existing CRM systems to our solution. Please contact us so that we can understand and meet your specific requirements.